A bit of information...

A Will is one of the most important documents you will ever need. If you have never had a Will, or are going through a significant and life changing event, such as marriage or divorce, come in and see us to draft a comprehensive, but easy to understand Will.

We can also assist you in any other estate matters, such as Grants of Probate, Administration of Estates, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advanced Health Directives. 

To help us provide you with speedy and accurate advice, we offer a pre-appointment questionnaire before you come to see us! This form is not for you to give us specific instructions about your wishes, and does not constitute a valid will. It is merely an information collecting tool to allow us to give you the most accurate and clear advice that we can in our initial consultation with you. If you have made an appointment for you and your partner, you will both need to fill out a separate form each.

As with any lawyer-client relationship, the information you provide to us is confidential and we will not disclose it to anyone without your express permission.

If you would like to complete our form prior to your appointment, please download the following PDF and

email us the completed copy. 

We are able to assist you in the following areas: 

  • Basic and complex wills;

  • Mutual wills; 

  • Advanced Health Directives;

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney;

  • Powers of Attorney;

  • Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration; 

  • Estate Administration; 

  • Transmission of property;

  • Elder abuse.